Another blog about living in Sweden.


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  1. Hey Joe, happy to hear you’re doing great and chased/are chasing after your dream! Looking forward to reading about the cool stuff you and Emilie do in Uppsala. Tell Emilie I say hej! Keep up the blogging’ you have atleast one American fan 🙂

  2. Hej Hej! I stumbled upon your blog while doing my research on how to start on my Masters degree here in Uppsala. Congrats you are officially a Google result! Although I didn’t get my answer to beginning a Masters degree on here, holy moly do I relate to your posts when it comes to feeling demoralized the second I step out of a Swedish course, or staring at your Swedish friends and family while at a dinner party, or even missing America but then having reverse culture shock and doing everything I could to get back here. I see you haven’t posted since 2016, but hopefully you’ll see this and maybe give the world an update. I’m sure you’ve made massive progress by now, and if you’re still in Uppsala I’d love to trade stories/tricks of the trade.

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